In the Pepperell Mill, in Suite 117, right here in Biddeford, something amazing can be found.  Swathed in gray foam, with fixtures in colors such as “eclectic purple” and “aged barrel” (along with some pretty nifty artwork) is Bottom of the River Sound, now open for business.  On Friday, February 28th, they officially opened their doors as a recording studio.  Pioneering Bottom of the River are owners Derek Wilkinson and Brandon Lamontagne, president and founder Nick Bilotta, and producer Alex Roy.

Bottom of the River Sound was founded in Bilotta’s family room in 2007.  Due to some obvious issues with this location, they moved to the River Dam in 2009.  Commonly referred to as “the old space,” they decided to keep this location open as a live practice studio that many locals still rent out.  When asked why they opened up the new space in the Pepperell Mill, Lamontagne says, “We just really needed to make a move.”  The old space, however good for live practice, was not up to their standards for a recording studio.  “With the new space, we have a great location and a great community.  We’re very lucky.”

The ambitious group behind BotRS wants to create an empire in the music industry.  Over the past few years, they have been hoarding gear and making investments.  On any given night, at any given time, at least one of the founding members can be located in the control room mixing and revamping songs of their current clientele.

They acknowledge the fact that the gap between home and professional recording is becoming smaller and smaller.  Because of this, they are able to offer help to other local artists without breaking the bank.  Though they currently only offer music production, at some point, Bottom of the River Sound hopes to offer other services, such as printing.  One of their current clients is a band from Canada, known as The Box Tigers.  Other bands include some of their personal projects: Arcuates, The Derek Wilkinson Band, The Early North, and Sparks the Rescue.  Bottom of the River Sound also offers the space for some commercial work.

With an ideal setting, a great deal of talent and experience in the industry, and a set mission, Bottom of the River Sound opens their doors to all musicians in the area.  “Our goal is to give local bands what we never had,” says Lamontagne. So,  all of you singers, songwriters, and musicians out there, go check them out on Facebook. Send them a message. Start rocking out.  This will be the place to be in the next month.

(This article originally appeared in the March 2014 issue.)


  1. Hey! I know all of those guys, Alex and Nick are in Sparks the Rescue! I definitely need to check out the studio!

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